Seven Pillars of Dental Practice Management

Seven Pillars Dental Practice Management

We believe that there are 7 Pillars that support a successful dental business. Should one of those pillars not be strong enough, or indeed non-existent, the whole structure can be put under strain and your business may suffer.


Do you have a strong sense of what your perfect practice would look like? Do you have a clear direction for yourself and your business? If you don't know where you are heading, how will you know if you are on the right track? Or if you are there already?

Financial management

We all know that finances will not run themselves, but do you have systems in place to give you a clear picture of the financial health of your business? Alun can help you to identify what are the most important elements to monitor for optimal financial performance.


How can you make sure your business is profitable? This pillar will help you pinpoint what you can do to ensure that your patients understand the benefits of the care that you offer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your patients readily accepted what you suggested?


You've got something good; you need to shout about it! We can guide you through the minefield that is 21st century marketing so that you gain the maximum return on your investment.


Your team is an important asset. They deserve to be nurtured so they in turn can help you nurture your clients and your business. Without a happy team, your business is going nowhere. We can show you how to apply science to the art of recruitment, retention and training.


Put yourself in your patient's shoes. What do they see as they come into your practice? Your clinical expertise may be second to none, but if your environment is not welcoming you may be discouraging new patients. We help you to indentify where simple improvements can be made.


Does your practice have sales, marketing, customer service and clinical protocols in place?

Are you compliant in all areas? Can you prove this with appropriate records? This crucial pillar needs to be strong, not only for clinical procedures, but also to support your staff to deliver excellent customer service.

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