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Practice Management Susan Rees

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Practice Managers

What does Practice Manager mean at your practice? There are so many different variations - from the efficient receptionist or nurse with the experience to cope with extended duties and responsibilities to an individual with complete business control - or a dentist who 'does' the practice management in their spare time.

Susan Rees has devoted more than 30 years of her career to dentistry and in particular, towards excellence in practice management. During this time Susan ran her own practice for more than 10 years and her infectious enthusiasm makes her the ideal mentor for practice managers.

At The Dental Business Coach we have a range of services designed specifically for ALL Dental Practice Managers.


This programme is entirely defined by your individual needs and delivered by a fellow professional. Led by you for your personal development – when you need a role model, advisor, confidant or helping hand.

Benefits for Practice Managers:

  • Support for both new and experienced managers - a non-judgemental, confidential sounding board
  • Exposure to a range of solutions for everyday challenges
  • Structured ways of exploring new ideas, theories and business practices

Benefits for Your Business: 

  • Increase in motivation, productivity and performance
  • Broadens the Practice Manager's insight into the business of dentistry
  • Enables smoother delegation so that you can concentrate on clinical dentistry

Practical Support

  • Establishing and implementing systems
  • Keeping up-to-date
  • Use of Management software
  • Clinical Governance – BDA Good Practice – planning and implementation, maintaining CQC
  • Health & Safety

Virtual Dental Practice Manager

With all of the above, we can offer you remote help. Instead of doing it in your 'spare' time you can delegate to an experienced and up-to-date manager. Leaving you free to make strategic decisions without being bogged down in the minutiae.

If you would like more details on the services we offer; or would like to discuss your specific business needs, please contact us at or call:

  • Alun Rees: 07778 148 583 UK or 086 0746723 Ire
  • Susan Rees: 07889 947 662

Practice Management Susan Rees

Alun Rees - The Dental Business Coach

Alun Rees 07778 148 583 UK or 086 0746723 Ire
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