Building the Perfect Team

Building the Perfect Team

One of the biggest challenges to any business is the blending of individuals together to make a strong and productive team. This means recruiting and retaining the right people for your practice, careful integration of new members into the team and appropriate ongoing training and support.

But... how can this be achieved? How do we reach the promised land?


The KOLBE A™ Index – Action based on instincts

The KOLBE A™ Index is based on the belief that everyone has a natural talent, an instinctive method of operation which enables them to be productive. When free to use these inbuilt strengths, they are more likely to perform at their best and feel comfortable and valued within the team.

The process is quick and easy: each individual is asked to complete a set of simple questions. The answers are analysed by an expert KOLBE consultant to identify the strengths of each individual and help you build a personnel plan that plays to these strengths, eliminates conflict and nurtures a team that will happily work towards the same goal; the success of your practice.

Alun Rees is a fully trained and accredited KOLBE Consultant; the only Kolbe consultant in Europe and the only one with experience working within dentistry, giving him essential insight into the various roles within the practice.

The KOLBE A Index is also available separately to interested parties. Click here to take the KOLBE A™ Index For help with interpretation just book a complimentary phone consultation with Alun.

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