Case Studies

Hear how we have helped other practices, just like you.

RN is the principal of a fully private practice. He wanted to grow the referral element of the practice to reflect his increasing skills in endodontics and implantology.

Alun helped him to identify his long-term goals and crafted a plan to focus his marketing efforts.

The result was a 15% increase in referral activity year on year giving the practice over 50% high value dentistry and increased profitability of the business. RN's success has meant that he has opened a satellite referral practice with a further site planned in the near future.

GS had recently made the step from clinical practice to management. With Susan as her mentor she felt confident enough to introduce new systems and structures to the practice

JT was stuck in a business partnership suffering from irreconcilable differences in both direction and policy.

Alun put together an action plan to sensitively guide him through departure from this partnership and to help locate and purchase a suitable rundown practice. Further support was given to set up this business using the 7-pillars system.

The result was a thriving new business with JT fully in control of the direction of the practice.

BF had almost worked herself to a standstill wrestling with the CQC & HTM 01-05. Susan's pragmatic approach meant that she was able to see the wood for the trees for the first time in months.


Plummeting profitability was causing CE concern following his conversion to a private practice.

Alun were invited to analyse every element of the business to identify the areas to be improved.The negotiated removal of an unprofitable associate was recommended followed by a staff training program. Full support was given throughout.

The result was a lighter working model with well trained staff giving excellent customer service bringing the practice back to profitability.

KH was the recently promoted manager of a medical practice who was having difficulty coping with her new responsibilities. With Susan's support she was able to complete the transition and step up to the plate and make a success of the job.

Following the purchase of a practice and conversion from associate to principal RH felt totally at sea.

Alun and the team helped him to identify his strengths and address his weaknesses giving him the confidence to trust his instincts when making tough decisions.

The result was a lighter working model with well trained staff giving excellent customer service bringing the practice back to profitability.

CB owned a specialist practice facing bankruptcy despite having a good income.

Alun & Susan were called in to apply the 7-pillars and plan a complete restructuring of the business. Full support was given to identify and eliminate losses, train and encourage poorly performing staff and create new systems to pin it all together.

The result is a practice returned to profitability, with increased referrals and run by a smaller but happier team who enjoy coming to work.

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